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Rotation 1.4 Liam O'Dourke

It's a rainy Friday morning and Liam O'Dourke is at work in the science career. I imagine him knocking over beakers filled with fizzing liquid and causing small explosions. Fortunately his boyish grin can usually get him out of trouble.
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Rotation 1.3 Stardew

When I load into the Stardew household, Emily is entertaining a guest, Pauline Wan. They share gossip and giggle like they are old friends already so no surprise when Emily wishes to do just that, become friends with Pauline.

Rotation 1.2 Billy Caspian

I arrive at Billy Caspian's house to find Gus Hart ringing the doorbell at 6 am. Billy is in bed with his energy bar still very low so I let him sleep for awhile. I really want to invite Gus in to see what may happen but that's not how this works. Billy eventually gets up and grabs a plate of horrifying spoiled waffles. Clearly, he's a slob. I spy Thorton Wolff through the window headed for Constance's house.

Rotation 1.1 Constance Shelley

Constance stands outside her transplanted Riverview house now in Sunset Valley looking rather confused, rightfully so.