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Rotation 1.4 Liam O'Dourke

It's a rainy Friday morning and Liam O'Dourke is at work in the science career. I imagine him knocking over beakers filled with fizzing liquid and causing small explosions. Fortunately his boyish grin can usually get him out of trouble.

When he gets home I direct him to pick up the trash can before I remember I'm not supposed to do that. Lightning strikes the front yard narrowly missing him, as though some higher power is warning me not to make that mistake again. This could be a short chapter if I'm not careful.

I send him to the library to fulfill a wish to play chess. Michael Bachelor is there along with his sister Bella and their father Simis. At this point I decide on a little more divine intervention and turn Michael into a witch. Hopefully lightning can't strike inside buildings. The town needs more occult Sims and it felt like a good fit. I can totally picture Michael wearing tweed coats and crumpled pants when he grows up.

Liam wants to meet a supernatural but when he greets Michael they apparently already know each other and even have a pretty good relationship. So that is why I decide to make Nick Alto a vampire. I'm mad with power! Lightning burns down the library, only joking.

Liam gathers up the courage to make a friendly introduction. "My daughter Holly works at the science lab as well." Nick says eyeing Liam as a protective father does. Things soon escalate as Nick must senses his new found powers. He doesn't exactly have a reputation for being a nice guy in the first place.

Content that Liam is no threat to his daughter after poking around in his brain, Nick walks upstairs calling behind him casually, "How about that game of chess now?" Liam feels dazed but stumbles up the stairs after him as though an invisible rope is tugging him along.

Despite feeling foggy Liam wins the chess match, he does have level 5 in logic. I'm even more surprised that Nick is a gracious loser and doesn't drain him like a juice box right on the spot.

Liam is hungry and goes home to enjoy a bowl of brain freeze a la mode out on his front porch while it continues pouring down rain. He is conducting a science experiment for work, jotting down some notes in his journal while he eats.

Friday 11pm - 220 grams brains

Lightning strikes his yard a second time that night while he sleeps. You would think he has the unlucky trait.

A view of next door, Jon Lessen and Don Lothario's bachelor pad.

In the morning Liam stays in bed to read a book on work place safety and proper handling of lab equipment (opportunity).

A rumbling in his stomach eventually gets him up to eat another tasty bowl of brains for breakfast. The weather is much nicer today but he chooses to sit inside this time.

Saturday 10am - 220 grams brains dash of maple syrup

After a bath in his swim trunks he gets to work unclogging the toilet. There isn't much fiber in brains and he wants to learn the handiness skill anyway. Upon completing that wish it is followed up by another to attend a party. This surprises me for Liam but I'm certainly happy about it.

For now he goes to the Stones Throw Greenhouse to do some gardening (wish). He could start his own garden at home but I'm hoping he will meet some Sims if he goes out. 

This car suits him so well.

Must appease the sunflowers with a dance before entering the bountiful garden. Don is here too, still taking endless pictures. He must have a popular Simstagram.

Even Gunther Goth can't resist a little dance with these hypnotizing sunflowers.

Liam receives a party invitation from Nick while harvesting some flame fruit. 


It's a full moon tonight so Liam runs a lap around the perimeter of the Alto mansion checking for zombies before going inside.

The party is in full swing when Liam finally makes it inside. Everyone is dressed in their best for Nick's formal dress code. Jon is there playing guitar as usual while the others have paired off to dance.

Billy and Emily are looking quite cozy. Emily's hair has grown out (I don't have the old hairstyle installed on my new computer).

The sun-baked blonde dancing with Nick is Dina Caliente, a known party girl with a taste for the finer things but not the bank account to support it. She's usually trying to schmooze the riches man in the room. I bet she would love to get her hands on Jon.

While watching everyone dance I realize Liam has gone back outside to taunt the zombies that are now spawning on the lawn. Must be the scientist in him...or the child.

Most of the zombies don't seem interested in Liam, maybe they assume he is one of them due to the brains he's been eating. Genius Liam. Disgusting, but genius.

He wonders over to the poolside bar to make himself a drink while observing the zombies' attraction to the stereo. They appear to dance in an almost organized fashion, how fascinating he thinks as he writes some notes in his journal.

Saturday 1am - zombies like to boogie

On his way back into the house to join the human party guests he runs into Vita Alto. She's been zombiefied but is not so easily fooled like the other zombies. She lunges at Liam for a nibble.

His high pitched screams distract her enough for him to get away.

He retreats behind the nearest door, a bathroom, and pisses himself standing over the toilet.

Too embarrassed to face up to the accident he's had he sneaks back out into the hallway to find a different bathroom where he can clean himself up and avoid blame for his mess.

Holly Alto walks in on him. She is the polar opposite of her parents, so when she sees what a hot mess Liam is she is too kind to point it out. They chat for awhile and get along great, even with Liam's needs all tanking at this point.

Finally home he eats just some regular bread and jam seeing as the zombie repellent experiment has proven a failure

The world frosts over while he sleeps.

Liam settles into an old leather chair by the window to finish reading his book for work.

He pulls a watermelon from his pocket and eats it whole then proceeds to wash all the dirty dishes around the house. 😀

In the spirit of winter's arrival Liam wants to hang some holiday lights. I picture him being a multi color string lights type of guy, so he gets his wish and stands proudly in his yard admiring his (my) work.

With perfect timing a gentle snow fall begins. I get the feeling winter is his favorite season. He cleans up the old newspapers before going back inside. I love this man.

Liam wishes to learn the fishing skill so I send him to the beach since most the lakes will soon be frozen over.

By the time he reaches the beach its snowing quite heavily, so naturally Liam wants to go play in the water. Billy Caspian is here too and is soon splashing around too.

Sandy French later joins the responsible adults. Where is your mother young lady?

Randomly Liam up and leaves the beach to drive to the other side of town. He feels compelled to talk to Mortimer Goth about the cold.

Mortimer is unimpressed.

Since Liam never actually did any fishing at the beach I have him do so in the Goth's pond, surprised it isn't frozen over yet.

He soon quits, wanting to build an igloo instead.

Mortimer comes back over to yell at him for this too. No fun allowed! Liam being a nice guy, tries to get to know Mort to diffuse the situation.

They go inside, Liam sits down to play at their chess table, which is kept in a dingy sunken room that feels like a crypt. The Goth family are known for their eccentricity.

Mort interrupts with an unexpected request. The tough acting grumpy boy would like to be read a bed time story. awww

Of course Liam would pick a science book. Sweet dreams thinking about all the incurable diseases in the world Morty.

Liam is tired now too, but he wants to finish the igloo before going home. He thinks it would be cool to Woohoo in the igloo (wish), and so goes to talk to one of the ghosts on the Goth property. hmmm....

It's Prudence Crumplebottom, she's an elder. The scientific curiosity in Liam is not deterred. They're getting along great but at 3:30 am Liam gets kicked out. ugh.

He gets home and I realize he has work in 4 hours. oops His energy is in the absolute red. The things we do for the chance to woohoo. It will hurt his work performance skipping work but going in that tired would have resulted in the same. His job title of Useless Contraption Manipulator implies he can't be missed too much.

He wakes up at 3 pm, just as his work day would have ended. At least he's well rested for our last day with him. Holly Alto calls him, wondering why he wasn't at work. 

"I hope neither of my parents said anything to offend you last night." 

I send him back to the Goth house with the wish to still learn fishing and woohoo in the igloo, along with a new wish to see a ghost, i just had to send him there. the pond however is iced over now. Mort greets him at the door.

Cornelia comes downstairs to welcome their guest with an insult. She says he's behaving inappropriately, all he's done is stand in the kitchen. (and hang out with her young son, OK that is bit creepy). Liam shrugs it off and goes outside to ice skate. 

"Ughh mom why can't I keep him? He can stay in the dungeon!" 

Liam only gets to ice skate for a short while before Kai Krause waves him over. Kai is also visiting the Goths this evening and wanted to introduce himself to the adorkable boy slipping around on the frozen lake. Kai is the easy going artist type who falls in love easily. At least that's how I see him. 

Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Nick Alto.

"My daughter told me to call you and apologize. I don't see what for but there you go."

I don't think that counts but Liam is too nice and too scared to say anything more than "Thank you sir."

Kai finishes a snowman, I'm sure the Goths will appreciate it.

It's 1 am when Liam decides to make a snow man, still hoping a ghost will appear from the Goth family graveyard. He creates a classic snowman, that seems fitting for him. 

Mort is about to come outside to ask Liam for another bedtime story, but I send Liam home to avoid Cornelia accusing him of being a pedophile. Strangely he fulfilled the wish to see a ghost on the drive home. Maybe it's because he drove past the town's graveyard. This earns him enough points for a Lifetime Reward. I purchase the professional slacker so he hopefully won't get fired tomorrow. 

Upon arriving at work the next morning he receives a work performance boost from reading that safety book earlier, yay I had completely forgotten about that at this point. His work performance is still in the red when I leave but hopefully it will continue to improve as long as he stays at work the rest of the day. 

Author's Note:

If some pictures look edited it's only to help brighten them since some turned out a bit dark and I know on mobile especially pictures might be harder to see.

Liam met so many Sims, I'm very happy about that. No budding romance or friendships but I think it's cool how much he got out and socialized. Much more than I had expected from him.